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avoid nagative marks and be on top

  • Saturday, December 18, 2010
  • bhushan chhaya
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  • Every candidate taking up bank exams for the first time are more concerned about Negative marks.Negative marks in bank exams are awarded to each and every wrong answer ,which ranges from 0.25 - 0.50 marks.If you still have no clue on how to steer clear without negative marks,proceed reading to know about the do`s & don'ts.

    What you must do to minimize negative marks ?

    # Analyze the Question paper in advance by referring previous question papers.This helps to get a clear picture of the type of questions in each section.For this, previous question papers or question paper blueprints would help in knowing the pattern

    # Practice is the only key.Since most bank exams expect you to complete 120-150 questions in 3 hours,its necessary for the candidates to figure out short-cut methods,easy problem solving skills so that precious time could be saved.

    # Try attending mock tests using sample bank exam question papers,which will help to decide on the amount of time needed to answer each question.Time Management is the most needed skill to answer all the questions in time.

    # Prepare short notes of your preparations,formulas,important theorems etc.,so you can refer to it during the last minute preparation rather than reading the books.

    # Be cool & calm while writing the exam.Getting tensed on an unknown question or hurrying to complete the exam soon, contribute to negative marks largely.

    # Answer the questions that you are confident of being correct ,rather than getting stuck with a question & wasting time trying to answer it.

    # Do not guess until you are very sure of the answer.Guessing can drastically reduce the marks without your knowing.

    # Do not erase or overwrite frequently.Since the OMR sheets are read by computers,any improper erasing marks will be calculated as wrong answers,leading to negative marks.
    In an attempt to avoid negative marks,don't skip all the unknown questions.Take calculated risks & think of the nearest answer,since there is no success without risks

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