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why COMPUTER knowledge requires for the bank jobs

  • Friday, December 17, 2010
  • bhushan chhaya
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  • the recruitment process in banks are expected to increase in the coming years, as new branches of various banks are to be opened & considerable number ofemployees will retire within the next 2 years.So bank jobs have emerged as the hottest career option with many candidates looking for info on upcoming bank exams. But how does one get prepared to become eligible?

    Why must I prepare : To get into any desired job, it is necessary to acquire skills required for that specific job beforehand.By this you will have an edge over others while applying for recruitments.As situation demands, banks have also set various eligibility conditions such as certificate in computers ,languages known etc., apart from the regulareducational qualifications.

    Computer knowledge necessary : In India, almost all public & private sector banks have networked their branches by computers(core banking solutions) for providing faster & efficient services to common people.Employees also perform transactions & maintain records on computer terminals.This is the reason for banks to prefer candidates with working knowledge of computers.

    Are you equipped : Some banks mention in their job notices that candidates withcomputer certificate from reputed institute can only apply.The skills required are – MS Officer Package(Word,Excel,PowerPoint) & Windows operations.It is better to learn these software while in college – so you will be ready for any job, as computers are used everywhere.

    Now you would have understood the relation between bank jobs & computer certificates. So,building a career is not tough, if proper planning is done.

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