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Bank exams guidance

  • Tuesday, February 1, 2011
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  • Select good books

    It is very important for all the aspirants to be very selective while purchasing/selecting books for the competitive examinations. There are lots of books available in the market, however very few of them are of good quality. Therefore it is imperative for you to choose the correct books, as preparing from ordinary books can be harmful for you as it will not only waste your valuable time but can also hamper your preparations. So friends, always try to study from books of good publications and books which are containing quality material.

    Time Management

    We see many students around us who are preparing from a very long time for competitive exams yet they have not achieved the success, the reason is that they are not concentrating on the right things. They seem busy most of the time but it does not necessarily mean that they make optimum utilization of their time. So there is a great need for effective Time Management in our lives today.
    We are always emphasizing on time management as we have learned with the experience that it is one of the important elements of “Key to Success”. If somebody is making efforts and yet he is not getting desired results than it definitely not an ideal situation. Once we have started the preparation our objective should be clear and whatever may be the level of competition, we should always have one target in mind i.e. final selection. With effective time management we can focus more on our preparation which would help us to achieve our objectives.
    You may agree with us that a very little time of ours is being spent on top priority activities and more into activities such as phone calls, coffee breaks, roaming here and there etc. There is nothing wrong in these activities but we need to think that do we really have time to spend on such activities; we need to analyze what are the activities which are a waste of time and what need more time. Try to cut down the time spent on useless activities or stop doing them altogether at least for some time till you achieve your objective. Once you have prioritized your time, you will find your efficiency level rising and the end result is that you will be an achiever.

    Bank PO

    A Probationary Officer can reach up to the level of Chairman of a bank, you will be surprised to know that all the heads of PSBs have started their career as a PO only. Probationary Officer (PO) can be asked to do any work during the Probation period. Normally the probation period is of two years in which the officer is exposed to different types of banking related works. There are frequent transfers during probation period. Once the probation period is completed the officer is confirmed as an Assistant Manager and gets his or her permanent posting. Some banks are now-a-days placing officers as Deputy Managers also, just after confirmation, provided they pass the test conducted by the bank. After confirmation officers can be posted in specific areas of banking.
    Some of you may feel that it is too harsh to always talking about managing your time and reduce the time spent on things which are not so important. Dear Friends, you need to realize that this is a crucial juncture of your career and you need to make some special efforts to beat the competition. Therefore it is imperative for you to put some extra ordinary efforts at least in this phase of life, if you can make it possible we can assure you that you will be able to sail smoothly in your life later on. Its now or never, choice is yours.

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    swathi said...
    February 19, 2011 at 11:56 PM

    yeah i accept that today most of the people are wasting their time here and there. we should utilize our small time to think about our career.

    bhushan said...
    February 20, 2011 at 12:12 AM

    thanks maa'm stay connected if any probz feel free to ask

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