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general tips to getting hired on jobs..

  • Thursday, March 3, 2011
  • bhushan chhaya
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    • Create a resume that is unique and attractive. Employers scan through thousands of resumes every day. Therefore, your resume should be the one that catches the eye. The resume should be such that it acts as a flag bearer of your achievements and capabilities. Remember, the basic aim of sending across the resume is to get noticed.
    • Learn about the company or the organization where you are applying for the job. Collect details from their website and learn everything related to their organizational structure and work policy. Do a little research on the web so that you have a basic idea of what the company is all about.
    • It is better to focus on one or two companies at a time and research on them thoroughly. This will be far more worthwhile than sending your resume to each and every company that you come across.
    • Dress impressively. Your dressing should convey your discipline, reliability and responsibility. You should create a professional image so that the employer feels that you can manage your responsibilities well. Don’t forget that first impression counts a lot.
    • Be proactive in your approach. Instead of leaving your resume at the desk or with some other employee, it is better if you ask to meet the manager. This will show your commitment towards getting the job and you will be looked more favourably than others.
    • Don’t go into lengthy explanations about yourself and your achievements unless told to do so. Be brief but to the point. Generally, employers do not give much time to the interviewee. Make sure that you manage to put across your point in whatever time you get. 
    • Show your passion for the work profile and the company. In this, your research into the company will come in very handy. Explain to them why you like their organization and why the particular work profile attracts you. Employers most likely hire someone who has a basic and fundamental idea of the company’s work and ethics and is also passionate about it.
    • Persistency is the basic key on getting hired. Contact the person through phone, email and such. Don’t let the first rejection deter you. Most companies have a policy of a minimum three month gap after the first interview, post which the candidates can try for the next time. Even if the first interview fails, establish contact and maintain a relationship with the concerned person. In this way, you can have a far better success the next time.

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