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how to prepare general awareness

  • Tuesday, March 1, 2011
  • bhushan chhaya
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  • Many would have often wondered the need to test one`s general knowledge skills in bank exams.How much do you know of the surroundings, tells lot about your behavior & mindset.Read on to know why is it necessary & how to prepare for general awareness sections.
    A paper on general knowledge/awareness is now part of all competition exams  especially in government public sector recruitments.But most people score very low marks in this section due to improper preparations, affecting their score & ranking.

    Newspaper is one of the best source of updating yourself on the events happening nationally & internationally.It is necessary to read newspaper daily with more focus on business & banking news - as it would help you for banking jobs & in Interview.While reading newspapers, pay attention to usage of words, verbs & sentence formation that can improve your english skills as well.

    TV news: Television channels report news with visuals as they occur, making it easier for anyone to know what has really taken place.While talk shows & debates on news channels, could provide more insight on a specific issue that could be useful in group discussion, there isn't any bigger advantage of watching news on TV.

    Note it down: Taking note of important news events date or month-wise has helped candidates in preparing for GK exams.It is not advisable to go through all the newspapers of a certain period, just days before the exam - as it can only lead to confusion.Prepare notes as you read to avoid last minute rush.

    Question banks: Nowadays all those who are preparing for competitive exams arebuying books containing numerous questions on general knowledge.As questions from various categories are provided with answers in a single book, practicing with such materials help in gaining speed at the time of exams.They are also called year books, are available at all leading book stores.

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