Wednesday, June 29, 2011


what is the rank of india in list of corrupted countries?

  • Wednesday, June 29, 2011
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  • hhmm.. interesting topic in my head yesterday guyz that in india 300lacs crore rs is black so whats about all over the whole universe?

    i found unbelievable answer that our country is still standing on 84th rank...!!! oh my god... then actually who is the number 1 standing for? guess what? u also didnt believe that no 1 is non other then NEW-ZEALAND. ya i am talking about denial vettori's new-zealand lolz.. i dont believe this first of all when i seen..

    as far the report of Transparency International (TI)  new zealand is stands no.1 with 9.4 score that means 94% of peoples are corrupted, and india stands for 84th with 3.4 score which means 34% peoples are corrupted.

    so u guessing who is stands last?? this results also make your eyes open for long.. its somaliya.. ta-da ya that somaliya which is known for their pirates lolz... i cant believe but thats true infarct.. 

    note :- Transparency International is an international non-governmental organization fighting corruption and trying to raise public awareness of it. 

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