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what is lokpal bill? who is anna hazare? little talk about current affairs of media

  • Saturday, August 20, 2011
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  • so here i am bhushan chhaya owner of now also owner of

    lets talk to the point

    everyone seems to be support anna, support lokpal, support jan lok pal, but you know average 50% people didnt know exactly who is anna hazare?
    basic about kishan baburao hazare

    anna hazare aka (dr.kishan Baburao Hazare) is a social activist born on 15th June 1937 in bhingar a small village near the city of Hinganghat, in Bombay Province (present-day Maharashtra). Kisan's father, Baburao Hazare, worked as an unskilled labourer in Ayurveda Ashram Pharmacy. Kisan's grandfather was working for the army in Bhingar.
    joining military 

    In 1962, events in South Asia meant that large-scale army recruitments were being undertaken. Despite not meeting the physical requirements, 25-year-old Hazare was selected, as emergency recruitment was taking place in the Indian Army. After training at Aurangabad in Maharashtra he started his career in the Indian Army as a driver in 1963. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Hazare was posted at the border in the Khem Karan sector. On 12 November 1965, Pakistan launched air attacks on Indian bases, and all of Hazare's comrades were killed; he was the only survivor of that convoy. there is still one dark symbol of bullet on anna's head

    current anna's planning for india

    These days we see lots of scams coming up, but do we hear much about the punishments and actions being taken against these corrupt bureaucrats and politicians? No, not much, reason is that the people doing the investigation against such allegations are the people who are appointed by the same people who are involved in these scams. Anna Hazare is again the person who was behind the Right to Information Act (RTI Act). He had gone on hunger strike in the year 2003 to get the RTI act bill passed and more than getting the bill passed, he traveled about 12,000 km to create an awareness of this act. We really need people like him to get these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to hold responsibility and close the loopholes in our system. he is known to develop a model village at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra called Ralegan Siddhi and is also a recipient of Padma Bhushan in 1992 for his contributions.


    now lets move on to lokpal bill..

    what is lokpal bill?

    The Lokpal Bill, an effort to rein in the pervasive corruption in public life, was first floated in the late 60s, but failed to become law despite successive attempts.

    Lokpal is to be a three member body with a chairperson who is or has been a chief justice or judge of the Supreme Court; and its two other members who are or have been judges or chief justices of high courts around the country.

    • The Lokpal bill is an outcome of the findings of the Santhanam Committee for the Prevention of Corruption in late 60s (dont know actual year but may be on 1966)

    • Every political party has included the Lokpal bill issue in their election manifesto, but none has implemented it.

    • In 2004 our current Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh had promised on this issue, but still nothing has happened.

    what is jan-lokpal bill?

    omg.. i think lok pal bill and jan-lokpal bill are same?

    ans :- no man..

    jan lok pall bill is drafted by eminent members of the civil society like anna hazare, Prashant Bhusan, Kiran Bedi, Lyngdoh and other. The bill proposes institution of the office of Lokpal at the federal level and Lok Akyukta at the state level. Jan Lokpal Bill is designed to create an effective anti-corruption and grievance redressal systems at centre and to assure that effective deterrent is created against corruption and to provide effective protection to whistle blowers.

    current lokpal bill by UPA government is totally fake, toothless. i think its a jokepal, but there is no guirentee for total protection of corruption by jan lok pal bill.. :) :(

    so this is basic knowledge about revolutionary current topic. hope you liked like it. dont forgot to share it :D

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    SAGAR PILARE said...
    September 2, 2011 at 10:27 AM

    The story of Pakistan's air attack on 12th November and anna having close shave etc. seems to be a concocted story by anna's stooges with his connivance to glorify his career in Army. The India-Pakistan War in 1965 ended on 23rd September 1965 after a UNSC dictated cease-fire. The cease-fire was confirmed by Tashkent Pact in January 1966. During the intervening period, there were minor instances of troop intrusions and artillery fire. But air attack on 12th November 1965 seems highly improbable as it would have attracted ire on UNSC.

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