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materials of IBPS clerks examination

  • Tuesday, October 4, 2011
  • bhushan chhaya
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  • IBPS aka institute of banking personnal selection has decide to take examination of clerks also details regarding recruitment of IBPS clerks is here also i write how to crack or to get succeed in IBPS examination  (details given in linked page) but today i am gonna share you which kind of a materials you need to prepare ??


    first of all you need to prepare your reasoning skills like verbal and non verbal reasoning one of the best selling ebook in india is R.S.Agrawal and really very nice book it is.. click here to get it for free in pdf format also download this book which is latest present by publisher R.S.Agrawal for reasoning skills


    then after you need to prepare about quantitative apptitude here is the ebook regarding quantitative apptitude by R.S.agrawal which is one of the good and well selling books in market for quantitative apptitude

    click here for download


    for english vocabulary you can find the ebook regarding full vocabulation and similar symptoms like synonyms antonyms etc etc


    click here to download


    now last part is general awareness and general preparation.?

    read as much as news as you can. you never knows which tagline will benefits for you. read online news try to update yourself from any good sources like internet, TV. remember tv is not idiot box always :) will updated soon after in this artical thanks for reading















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