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English test No-1 for bank preparation

  • Saturday, September 8, 2012
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  • Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the alternative which best
    Expresses the meaning of the word FOR in the sentence.

    1. Vanity is often noticeable in a great leader.
    (a) Desirable
    (b) Admirable
    (c) Remarkable
    (d) Visible

    2. It was pure fabrication with an eye for a sensation.
    (a) Observation
    (b) Wish
    (c) Desire
    (d) Aim

    3. Public opinion will pillory these agents of crime.
    (a) Scorn
    (b) Sub serves
    (c) Recall
    (d) Declare

    4. His adulatory remarks surprised us.
    (a) Discreet
    (b) Insulting
    (c) Appreciate
    (d) Funny

    5. The rapacious plunderers did not spare even the people living in the slums.
    (a) Warlike
    (b) Barbarous
    (c) Avaricious
    (d) Nomadic

    6. Indian economy has always shown enough resilience in crisis
    (a) Diversity
    (b) Strength
    (c) Elasticity
    (d) Adjustment

    7. Long illness has macerated his body. So much so that he is reduced to flesh and bones.
    (a) Affected
    (b) Eaten into
    (c) Devastated
    (d) Wasted away

    8. We walked down a precipitous slope.
    (a) Precarious
    (b) Steep
    (c) Precise
    (d) Gradual

    9. Some of the members of the Board indulged in highly scurrilous talk at the meeting.
    (a) Irrelevant
    (b) Superfluous
    (c) Abusive
    (d) Objectionable

    10. Decay is an immutable factor of human life.
    (a) Important
    (b) Unique
    (c) Unchangeable
    (d) Awful

    11. The cordial talks between the two foreign ministers cover the entire
    gamut of their relations.
    (a) Territory
    (b) Range
    (c) Sphere
    (d) Scope

    12. We heard him asseverate his good intentions but his actions belied his words.
    (a) Affirm
    (b) Incite
    (c) Defy
    (d) Cancel

    13. The medicine was aperients.
    (a) Bitter
    (b) Sweet
    (c) Giddy
    (d) Laxative

    14. There must be lively discussion of Indian authors if we are to foster our national literature.
    (a) Promote
    (b) Cherish
    (c) Nourish
    (d) Nurture

    15. The problem of unemployment is emasculating our youth from making concrete innovations.
    (a) Hindering
    (b) Pressurizing
    (c) Encouraging
    (d) Making weak

    16. The speech was filled with rigmarole.
    (a) Nonsense
    (b) Details
    (c) Quotes
    (d) Examples

    17. The boy gave a vivid description of gall that happened.
    (a) Brilliant
    (b) Fresh
    (c) Explanatory
    (d) Picturesque

    18. He was the most disputatious student I ever had.
    (a) Scandalous
    (b) Argumentative
    (c) Uncertain
    (d) Opinionated

    19. Most of the staff is restive under the new managers rule.
    (a) Relaxed
    (b) Friendly
    (c) Uneasy
    (d) Obstinate
    (e) Discontented

    20. They knew by his sophomoric remarks that he was still knave in the field.
    (a) Casual
    (b) Unpalatable
    (c) Immature
    (d) Ignorant

    21. His impertinence and his salacious remarks spoke voliably of his degradation
    (a) Rude
    (b) Indecent
    (c) Distraught
    (d) Poor

    22. They all shunned him because he was a lecherous man always looking for an
    Opportunity to cheat others.
    (a) Cunning
    (b) Deceptive
    (c) Lustful
    (d) Dishonest

    23. After the severe riots, the police continued the curfew lest there was
    no recrudescence of disorder.
    (a) New outburst
    (b) Spread
    (c) Exaggeration
    (d) Aggravation

    24. The army has laid out an entire web of secret agents to detect the surreptitious
    activities of the enemy.
    (a) Hostile
    (b) Secret
    (c) Intriguing
    (d) Foppish

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