Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Free Download Frontline Magazine 7th September 2012 issue

  • Wednesday, September 5, 2012
  • bhushan chhaya
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  • Here is the current Issue of Frontline magazine available for free download and some of its contents are as follows


    Politics: Anna And Ramdev: New Calculations

    • Stirring The NDA Nest

    • West Bengal: Zero Tolerance

    • Gjm Sweep

    • Public Health: Managed Care

    • Family Planning & Built-In Violence

    • Environment: Alang: Welcome To Waste

    • Essay: Sir Chimanlal Setalvad: A Neglected Hero

    • Letters To The Editor

    • Social Issues: Nutt Community: Challenging A Custom

    • Nomadic Past

    • Cinema: Osian Film Festival

    • Scandal: Granite Loot In Madurai

    • Novel Ways To Grab Land

    • Monuments In Peril

    • Celac: South Meets South

    • Egypt: The Sinai Test

    • Syria: A Tale Of Two Cities

    • United States: Interest In Africa

    • Travel: Celebrating Peace In Northern Ireland

    • Obituary: Alexander Cockburn: A Punk Writer

    • Science: Milestone On Mars ‘Seven Minutes Of Terror’

    • Landing Technologies

    • Olympics: British Spectacle

    • The Silver Lining


    Download here this Issue

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