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SBI Associate Clerk 2012 General Awareness Question Paper of 7th October

  • Sunday, October 7, 2012
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  • SBI
    Associate had conducted conducted the Clerical Exam on 7th October,
    2012 in which lakhs of candidates have appeared. The SBI Associate Question
    Paper for Clerk’s Exam was not that difficult, when compared with the IBPS Clerk
    Paper held on 27th November.As we all know that SBI Clerk Papers
    will have 5 Sections and the total Duration of the Exam is 2 hours & 15 mins.

    this post, we will discuss the General Awareness Questions asked in the SBI
    Associate Questions Paper of the Morning Shift on 7th Oct,
    2012.Students who are going to appear in the SBI Associate Exam on 14th
    October, 2012 are advised to go through these Questions, as it will help them
    in understanding the Pattern and Nature of Questions asked in the General
    Awareness Section.

    reviews and analysis about the SBI Associate Clerk Papers suggest that the
    Difficulty level of the Paper is medium and students who have prepared
    thoroughly might see themselves go through the Exam

    General Awareness Questions asked in
    SBI Associate Clerk Exam 2012  

    1) Which
    Of the Following Get the Nobel Prize in Economics ?

    2) Who
    Lead the Indian Olympic Group in the Inaugural Program?

    3) Who
    presented the Union Budget in the Parliament in India ?

    4) What
    is the Full Form Of KYC ?( Marketing)

    5) Excise
    Duty Imposed On _______ .?

    6) Who is the New chief economic adviser of India ?

    Ans Raghuram Rajan

    7) Who is the Present Governor of RBI ?

    8) Which
    Scheme Allow Tax less Equity Savings ?

    9) Which
    Organization Doing the Trade Operations between Countries ?

    10) Which is the National Flower of India ?

    Ans Lotus

    11) Child Labour Day is celebrated on ?

    Ans 12th June

    12) Who among the following is the winner of Bronze Medal in 10 mtr air rifle shooting in Olympics ?

    Ans Gagan Narang

    13) Who among the following is the India's flag bearer at London Olympics ?

    Ans Sushil Kumar

    14) What is Plastic Money ?

    Ans: All types of bank cards, credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, etc.

    15) Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve is situated in ?

    Ans : Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh

    16) Who is the author of Namesake ?

    Ans Jhumpa Lahiri

    17) One Question is aasked on Tax on Carbon Emmission ?

    18) In India, Who presents Union Budget in Lok Sabha ?

    Ans Finance Minister

    19) Which Age- Group is considered as super seniour according to budget ?

    And 80 and Above

    20) International Day on Non-Voilance is celebrated on ?

    Ans 2nd October

    21) Electronic Goods are called as ?

    22) What is the full form of ATM ?

    Ans Automated Teller Machine

    23) Which among the following not the name of an Airshuttel ?

    a)enterprise b) colombia c)iris d)discovery

    Ans IRIS

    24) Excise duty is applied on ?

    25) Which is the tax that is applied on property and product ?

    26) Which is the multi brand retailer of US with largest chain ?

    27) Who among the following is the Reciever of Padam Vibhushan award ?

    Ans Mario de Miranda

    28) Which among the following Classic Singers that is died in 2011 ?

    Ans Jagjit singh

    29) Who among the following is the renowned economist ?

    And Dr. Amartya Sen.

    30) Vijay Kumar, who recently won the medal in London Olympics is Associated with which game ?

    31) Naresh Chander Committee is Associated with ?

    Ans National Security

    32) Full Form of FTZ ?

    Ans  Free Trade Zone


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    Applicants who have appeared in the Exam on 7th October, can also
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    Questions asked in the exam

    In our next post, we will share the General Awareness Questions, asked in the Evening Shift of Associate Exam on 7th, Oct, 2012.

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