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corruption in india detailing article with presentation

  • Thursday, September 6, 2012
  • bhushan chhaya
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  • A FOR adarsh kand

    B FOR bofors kand

    C FOR common wealth kand

    bla bla bla..

    kands and scams are now general and primary thing for all political party, polices, common people and obviously our media,

    now let me tell you what is according to wikipedia's view about all scams in india

    Click here for wikipedia 

    here is a small presentation regarding total scams and KANDS by our politicians, IAS, IPS, and all other class one officers ;)

    see the list below like if you really love india and wants to remove corruption in india kindly share in social sites as many as possible :)

    jay hind

    [gview file=""]

    NameAmout (in crore)Name of bankAccounts
    Prabodh Mehta28000LGT bank of Liechtenstein2 main (5 sub)
    Chintan gandhi1956LGT bank of Liechtenstein1 main (3 sub)
    Arun Mehta2500LGT bank of Liechtenstein1 main
    Ramdev pasvan3500Union bancairePrivee, UBP1 main
    Neera radia289990UBS4 main (13 sub)
    Rajiv Gandhi198000UBS7 main (25 sub)
    Naresh goyal145600Bank CA st, gallen AG25 main (3 sub)
    Muthuvel  karunanidhi10500Alternative banks ABS10 main (5 sub)
    Manoj dhupelia9850LGT bank of liechtenstein2 main (5 sub)
    A raja7800Aareal bank AG1 main (3 sub)
    Harshad Mehta135800UBS AG13 sub
    s.s palanimanickam4800Rothschild bank AG1 main (4 sub)
    Ketan parekh8200Bank coop AG5 main (2 sub)
    Paban singh ghatowar3908Bank aek genossenschaft2 main (1 sub)
    Rendezvous sports world29800Aargauische kantonalbank5 main (25 sub)
    H.D. kumaraswami14500Bank Frey & co. AG1 main (25 sub)
    C.P. Krishnan Nair4520Banca Intermobiliare1 main
    Lalu Prasad yadav29800AKB privatbank AG2 main (1 sub)
    Jyotiraditya madhavrao scindia9000Bank EEK AG5 main (3 sub)
    Kalanidhi maran15000Clariden leu AG15 sub
    Karunanidhi35000Baloise Bank Soba8 main (5 sub)
    Sarath pawar28000Alternative bank ABS4 main (7 sub)
    Suresh kalmadi5900UBS4 main (5 sub)
    Chitham baram32000Rothschild bank AG19 sub
    Raj foundation189008LGT bank of liechtenstein1 main (45 sub)
    Urvashi foundation289745LGT bank of liechtenstein2 main (95 sub)
    Ambrunova trust17658LGT bank of liechtenstein1 main (13 sub)
    Arun kochar15450LGT bank of liechtenstein14 sub
    Prabodh mehta1480LGT bank of liechtenstein1 main

    official wiki leaks screen shot

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