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10 General Awareness Questions for IBPS Clerk Exam

  • Monday, November 12, 2012
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    our previous Post, we have published 15Current Affairs Questions And 10 Current Affairs Questions  that might figure out is Upcoming Competitive
    Exams like IBPS, SSC, UPSC etc. These Questions have been liked by larges
    number of readers (Through Comments and Email) and we have been requested to
    post more Questions on Current Affairs and General Awareness.

    Since Reader Satisfaction is our Goal, so keeping in view the Demand of our
    readers,we have decided to post Similar Quizzes and Questions on Current
    Affairs and General Awareness from time to time

    In Today's Article, we are going to Publish, 10 more Questions on General
    Awareness and Current Affairs. These Questions, are very important and might be
    asked in the Upcoming IBPS Clerk Exam and Other competitive Exams, for which
    you are preparing.

    Here are 10 More General Awareness

    1) Recently, Election
    Commission of India on 01 August 2012 signed an MoU with _________ Country to
    help each other in strengthening the 
    electoral processes and political culture.

    1. Canada

    2. South Sudan

    3. South

    4. North

    Which Indian Scientist helped the NASA team to identify the landing site for
    ‘Curiosity’ rover on Mars ?

    1. Ashok Sen

    2. Amitabh Ghosh

    3. Surya Prakash Singh 

    4. Ray Bradbury

    Which country impose TB screening for Indians to give visa for more than six

      1. Australia

      2. USA

      3. China

      4. UK

      Which of the following drink recommended as national drink by parliamentary
      panel from 10th August 2012?

      1. Tea

      2. Coffee

      3. Milk

      4. Green Coffee

      Who is the first foreign coach received the Dronacharya Award?

      1. Yashvir Singh

      2. Satya paul

      3. Fernandez

      4. None of these

      What is the new name of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) after extending
      its scope to town and cities?

      1. NCHM

      2. NHM

      3. NTHM

      4. None of the

      Which state recently increases age limit form 35 to 45 years for the government

      1. Jharkhand

      2. Uttarakhand

      3. Maharastra

      4. Gujarat

      Who got the Silver medal in 25m rapid fire pistol in London Olympics 2012?

      1. Gagan Narng

      2. Sushil Kumar

      3. Yogeswar Dutt

      4. Vijay Kumar

      Who was suspended by CNN / Time magazine because he copied an article from “The
      New Yorker Time” Magazine?

      1. Rjat Gupta

      2. Dharun Ravi

      3. Zakaria 

      4. JillLepore

      Which country recently severely hitted by Typhoon called ‘Haikui’ on August

      1. Russia

      2. China

      3. Japan

      4. Korea

      15 Current Affairs Questions


      Whats's Next ?

      In the upcoming posts, we will post more Questions for
      the Preparation of Current Affairs for IBPS Clerk Exam 2012.

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