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YOJANA Magazine - All Editions 2012 (Download)

  • Monday, November 12, 2012
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  • Yojana Magazine August 2012 Issue


     Yojana Magazine July 2012 Issue

    Monsoon Prediction
    Monsoon Mission
    Is India A Monsoon Economy ?
    Monsoon Variability, Climate Change And Agriculture
    Southwest Monsoon In India And Its Forecasting System
    Long Range Forecasting Of Monsoon Rainfall
    Health Initiatives In Flood Affected Bihar
    Monsoon And Food Inflation
    Mobile Spray Painting Device
    The Reign Of Rain
    Dream Season: The Monsoon
    Magic Of Kerala
    Stock Exchanges In India
    Search For Quality Mithuns
    In Northeast'S Mountains.


    Yojana Magazine June 2012 Issue

    Rethinking policy on child sex ratios

    ncw: twenty years of empowering women

    Stree shakti

    Empowering women in agriculture

    Empowered women, empowered nation

    Women's empowerment across indian states

    Women and panchayati raj

    Some facts about domestic violence act, 2005

    Women self help groups

    Pearl in the sand – tara devi

    Electric painting brush

    Amending archaic laws to empower women


    Yojana Magazine May 2012 Issue


    Do Ecology –Pathway Development and its Environmental Implications

    From protests to where in 2012?

    Environment , Development and Disaster : The Panchtatva Equilibrium

    Wealth in My Backyard

    Water-Sanitation Nexus more complex than Toilet -Cell Phone comparison

    National Skill Development Corporation

    Development and its Environmental Implications

    DURBAN Conference : The Road Ahead and Lessons for India

    Sustainability in India’s Urban Areas :

    Need to reframe the Debate

    Environmental Management by Pollution Prevention

    Measurement of Economic Progress :

    Does Traditional GDP Really Add Up?

    The Seed Broadcaster

    North east diary


    Yojana Magazine April 2012 Issue

    The Union Budget 2012-13 presented by the Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on 16th March 2012 seeks to accomplish the path of rapid, inclusive growth by pursuing five major objectives to be addressed effectively in the ensuing fiscal year.Termed realistic and pragmatic the budget focuses on domestic demand driven growth recovery, create conditions for rapid revival of high growth in private investment, address supply bottleneck in agriculture, energy and transport sectors; address the problem of malnutrition and improve delivery system, governance and transparency, and address the problem of black money and corruption in public life. These objectives are to be met by raising higher revenue through indirect taxes and tapping the services sector in a major way by hiking excise and services tax levy from 10 to 12 percent. Moreover, Government has taken steps to address the issue of black money, and a White Paper on Black Money is proposed to be laid in the current session of Parliament. A series of measures has been proposed to deter generation and use of unaccounted money.

    Yojana Magazine March 2012 Issue

    Managing Disasters In India

    Traditional Values That Helped Ladakhis Rebuild Their Lives

    Challenges In Disaster Management

    Post Disaster Impact Assessment And Funding Mechanism

    Earth System Science Organization

    Modified Wood Stove

    Natural Disaster Management In India

    Geo-spatial Techniques And Methods

    Saving The Girl Child

    Climate Change And Disaster Management In Coastal Areas

    Yojana Magazine February 2012 Issue

    Free Trade Agreements And India

    India’S Foreign Trade Scenario

    Agricultural Products Exports In India

    Suggestions For The Twelfth Plan

    Influence Of FDI On Retail Sector

    India and World Trade Organization

    Challenges In India'S Foreign Trade

    Solar Laminator

    Yojana Magazine January 2012 Issue

    Towards Rapid, Inclusive And Sustainable Growth

    Prospects And Policy Challenges In The Twelfth Plan

    Rural Transformation And Sustained Growth Of Agriculture

    Corruption And The Twelfth Plan

    Infrastructure Investment In The Eleventh Plan And Prospects

    Agriculture In The 12th Plan Approach

    The Relevance Of Msmes

    National Development Council

    The Five-Year Plans And Future

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