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benifits of being clerks as a career

  • Wednesday, August 24, 2011
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  • All government clerks in India are at the start and threshold of a good career. The moment they have a job as a clerk in a government sector it is the stepping stone for them. From then on they will be able to go on to the best of positions and promotions if they persist hard enough.

    A career as a government clerk brings along with it plenty of benefits. It will bring along with it all the perks of a government job.



    If you have a choice between a government job and a private sector job then it will be difficult for you to decide which one to go ahead with. But if you were to weigh your options carefully you will realize that a government job is far better. If you were to enlist the advantages of a job and a career as a government clerk they would certainly outweigh any disadvantages if any.

    Let us look at the advantages of working as a clerk in the government sector:

    • You will have a job for a lifetime. You will have the job security forever where your job is concerned and in case your job gets mechanized or no longer exists then you will be given another task. But, you will not be given a pink slip or rendered jobless at any point of time.

    • The hours that you work will be according to set standards. You will not have to work beyond a certain set number of hours and there will be no night shifts, holidays on all festivals, and no weekends to work.

    • There are liberal retirement benefits that you will be entitled to. You will not only get provident fund, gratuity but also pension for as long as you live.

    • The government will support all your endeavors to further your career or your educational qualifications. Hence you may start out as a clerk but not remain one forever that is for sure. You will have privy to the best organizations and libraries to gain knowledge and further your career prospects.

    • Although as a government clerk you might have to go through a lot of red-tapism and bureaucracy but ultimately that will be helpful for you. You will be able to learn the ropes right from scratch and this way you will be able to gain enough knowledge and expertise to hold you in good stead later on in life.

    • As a government clerk you will have a lot of chance to work with the best brains and on really big projects. When you help and assist your seniors you will get a chance to witness decision making that directly affects our countries governance.

    • Most of the promotions are based on tenure. Hence, the longer you are with the government you are assured of career progression up the ladder.

    Therefore, you will notice that a government job is one that will get you a lot of benefits.

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